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GoDot 4.1.3

BatteryMon tool for monitorization of your laptop battery

GoDot 4.1

Puppy Linux - A lightweight linux

Google Play Games Beta.

Vicuna: An open source chatbot that impresses GPT-4 with 90%* quality of ChatGPT.

Mount a RAM disk in Windows with ImDisk Toolkit

Godot 4.0 - Movie Maker mode arrives in Godot 4.0

Blender Secrets - eBook

Website Grant abbitt

3D Low Poly Web Sites - Updated 11/21/2022 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Tools for Images - Updated 11/15/2022 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Python - Updated 11/11/2022 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Distros Linux & Tools - Updated 11/08/2022 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Tools for Dev - Updated 04/17/2022 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Minifiers , Obfuscators and Beautifiers of code - Updated 10/27/2021 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Tools to check your website - Updated 10/19/2021 (mm/dd/yyyy)

POLYGON - Synty Studios - Low Poly Assets

AppGameKit Example: Physics 3D - Bouncing ball emulated

AppGameKit - Example: Physics 3D - SimpleDemo